How It Works


Choose your meals each week

Choose from a weekly menu of traditional Thai recipes created by our culinary team. We give you the flexibility to select any combination of meals in advance. You can edit or skip your weekly meals, pause or cancel your subscription whenever you want. 

Please be sure to do before the weekly cutoff, the end of Thursday 11:59 pm (PT) for delivery by Friday next week. If you find yourself feeling indecisive, just leave it to us. We will choose and surprise you with our delicious meals. 


Hassle-free meal prep

Get pre-measured fresh, top-quality ingredients from our trusted suppliers for the best tasting meals.

Your delivery will include any fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seasonings, and other ingredients. The only ingredients you’ll need in your pantry are salt, pepper, butter, and cooking oil such as vegetable oil, canola oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil. We will have a note to remind you on our recipe cards.

You don’t need to be home to accept a delivery. We pack each box carefully by using ice packs to ensure that your food stays fresh for the entire delivery time. Please unpack your package and put ingredients into your fridge asap once you get them. 


Experience Thai cooking at home

Prepare amazing home-cooked meals following our quick-and-easy recipes and videos.

Gin Arai is also designed to teach you to cook recipes you may not have tried before and with proper ingredients not usually on your shopping list. Either way, Gin Arai wants to help you get out of your comfort zone and successfully try new foods!

You can log in to your account to view e-recipes and videos featuring step-by-step instructions and an ingredient list to guide you.  


Buy One Meal, Give One Meal

By ordering from Gin Arai, you support our efforts to feed hungry children. The founders of Gin Arai believing sharing part of the Thai culture includes giving back to those in need.

Gin Arai is partnering with 3 non-profit organizations in the Songkhla region of Thailand that are dedicated to providing better lives for children.

Buy One Meal, Give One Meal! For every meal purchased through Gin Arai, you are providing one meal to a child in need.