About Krong

Krongtong Na-Songkhla (known as Krong), a Thai native, first learned Thai cooking as a child in the southern province of Songkhla, Thailand. She spent many years helping her mother and grandmother prepare everyday meals for her family.

While studying for her MBA at the University of Michigan, Krong missed the unique flavors of Thailand which she so loved. Unable to find necessary ingredients for her own recipes, she worked to develop techniques and to modify recipes while keeping the True Taste of Thai in all her dishes.

Since 2001, Krong has lived in New York, Texas, Michigan, and Indiana, and traveled around the country. Along with her path, many of Krong's family and friends have inquired about Thai cooking. Now settled with her husband in San Diego, California, Krong developed her very own cooking class, True Taste of Thai: Thai Home-Cooking Taught in Your Home! in order to share her experience and knowledge with others. 

After teaching around San Diego for 8 years, Krong has learned that many people may be nervous about seemingly exotic ingredients used when cooking Thai meals. Krong's goal is to ease your worries and encourage you to experience the amazing world of Thai cuisine. That’s the beginning of Thai meal-kit delivery, “Gin Arai”, to serve your needs and make cooking fun. Give us a try and order now to enjoy Thai food every week at your home!